Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long Time, No Post! =D

Yes, slack is the new word to describe me. Atleast where blogging is concerned. Otherwise, I've been staying fairly busy in my day to day life. I've had a lot of things going on, and neglected this page. I apologize.

The good thing is, my blood pressure is now under control and is staying around 120 over 80, which is perfectly normal. The bad thing is, I've apparently pinched a sciatic nerve in my lower back, and it's making simple tasks very difficult (such as cleaning the house!). Thankfully, my loving fiance is doing his best to help out when he gets home from work. I'm also going to see a chiropractor on Friday. No major alignments, no x-rays, no MRIs, no pain pills.. Just hoping that some deep tissue massage and maybe very light electrotherapy will help. Atleast I have found a chiropractor that has been in practice for over 30 years and has tons of experience treating pregnant women. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Anyone else have experience with chiropractics during pregnancy? Thoughts, suggestions, concerns? Some feedback will be greatly appreciated, as I am a little skeptical of this whole situation.

In other news, Kinslee's vast collection of clothing, toys, accessories, and necessities keeps growing, thanks to our wonderful family and friends. We've barely come out of pocket for much of what we have, compared to what has been given to us, and for that we are very grateful. Just this past week, she was given an ExerSaucer and an activity mat from her Gramma and Grampa Halstead. Oh, I should mention, though, that I *did* go a little overboard and buy her a 9 inch (seat) western saddle to match mine. :) I know, I know.. it will be some time before she can ride, but I couldn't pass the deal up! Can ya blame me? ;)

Now, to follow up with some pictures!

Kinslee's ExerSaucer!

 Kinslee's saddle, and also her saddle being modeled by my best friend Ashley's son, Gavin. This little guy is very special to me, he's like my nephew and I hope he and Kinslee will be very close, as they are only going to be 9 months apart in age (almost to the day!). =)

My wonderful fiance, Mike, and Ashley and Allen's son, Gavin. I love this picture. It's as if Gavin is saying 'Hey Mike, what are we gettin' into tonight?' - Don't worry, you'll be seeing plenty more of this cutie! Ashley and I plan on doing some photo shoots of Kinslee and Gavin together in the future! :)

And last but not least, this cute little pony is Kinslee's! Skylark or "Sky" is a 2008 American Miniature Horse Association registered mare. She stands approximately 33 inches. She was housebroke by her previous owner, believe it or not. Although we do not keep Sky in the house, she is a very well mannered pony who spends her days relaxing in her paddock and munching on grass and hay. She has the easy life, for now. That is, until Kinslee is old enough to keep her trooping on the trails! She will begin training here soon (once I am no longer pregnant and am able to) to get her ready to carry a saddle and child on her back. It may take some time, but we are positive she will be the perfect fit for our daughter, as she is a very sweet, intelligent little mare. Big thanks to my mother for giving her to us for Kinslee. =)

Well folks, I hope this long post more than makes up for my lack of posting in the past week and a half. ;) Enjoy!

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