Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Closer!

So I had an ob/gyn appointment today for my second glucose screening (will get a call with results tomorrow morning). My iron level was good, blood pressure was normal, and Kinslee's heartbeat was perfect. It actually made me excited and happy when my doc said I'll be coming in every 2 weeks now. That means it won't be much longer til our baby girl arrives!

Also, people have started receiving their baby shower invites from my lovely cousins, who are co-hosting my shower. I have to admit, my cousin knows me well - she picked out baby pink and chocolate for the colors of the invite. Awesome. Can't wait til then - all my favorite women in one place, celebrating my baby! 

Things are going really good, but I do miss that mid-pregnancy nesting phase I had before.. Now, unfortunately, I am tired ALL the time and have to take naps throughout the day to maintain some sort of energy level. I do, however, manage to get most of the housework done.. I'm just a little delayed on some things, and require more help from Mike. :) He doesn't mind, though. Which is really great, considering how many hours a week he works! I sure do appreciate having him by my side.. I couldn't ask for a better "baby daddy". ;)

Speaking of which, he will be here soon and that means I better go start fixing our dinner plates. Adios, readers!

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