Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summary of My Pregnancy Thus Far..

So for those of you who are wondering, what is pregnancy like? Well, I can't give you the complete rundown, because I'm still 10 weeks out from having our baby girl, however, I can tell you what the past several months have been like for me.

The First Trimester - Basically, the first trimester is feeling sick (for me it was, atleast), nausea, vomitting, headaches, and just overall irritability. You can tell that your body is no longer the same, and that you are now sharing it with someone else (baby!). However, it takes some time before this becomes rather apparent. I was about a month and a half along when I found out I was pregnant. It took a while for those nagging feelings to really kick in, and for me to think 'Hey, could it be?!'. So that's when I picked up two pregnancy tests - and viola! Both were positive. Along with the sick feelings, also comes the worry, anxiousness, the 'Am I ready for this?', etc. But I assure you, no woman is truly ready when she becomes pregnant with her first child. Atleast, not from what I have seen and heard. It's a new experience, a crazy rollercoaster of a ride, but it's so worth it.

The Second Trimester - This was my favorite! In my second trimester, the sickness and irritability pretty much left the building. Energy, creativity, and a zest for life took over. I think I felt better then, and got more accomplished, than I had in quite some time - even before I was pregnant. I went through what I would consider to be the 'nesting' stage right in the middle of my pregnancy. The house stayed immaculately clean, I scrapbooked, wrote poetry, letters, blogs, you name it! I was always staying busy, and never getting that tired. It was also in my second trimester, that I found out I was having a girl. I was so excited and over the moon - I began to shop for her as much as possible. Like if I was in a store, I just couldn't help but stop in the baby section and buy an item or two. I was also being given tons of clothes and accessories from friends and family. Now I think my daughter will need her room, as well as the spare room. Oops. ;)

The Third Trimester - So much for that energy.. I feel like I'm constantly dragging and have to literally roll myself out of bed or have Mike pull me up. Mornings are the worst.. I'd rather just stay in bed til the bathroom urge hits me, than to listen to the alarm clock and get up. Don't get me wrong, my house still stays rather clean (though Mike helps out a lot more now due to my nagging), but I can promise you there is dust on some shelves and the floor does not get vacuumed every couple days - more like once a week. I can't wait to regain my energy and have my house sparkling again. Men just don't get to the little details like us women do. Oh and did I mention I can't see my feet anymore if I'm standing up? And if I do manage to lean over enough to check them out, or if I'm sitting down, guess what? They're swollen! As if my feet weren't ugly enough already! I rarely get sick anymore, but I sure do feel like a big bowl of BLAH most of the time. Can't wait for our baby girl to arrive, so I can hold her in my arms, have her here with me, and get back to my not-so-lazy self. =)

So there you have it, folks. My pregnancy in a nutshell (or maybe a little more than a nutshell). As for the delivery and first impression, I'll have to fill you in on that in about 10 weeks. Thanks to all my readers! Much love.


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