Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Almost 100 hits, up to 7 followers, time for a contest?!

Hi everyone! I was thinking about holding a contest or two to promote my blog and gain 'followers'. If you would be interested in entering the contest, please respond to this post (even if it's just the word LIKE). I need to see if this is worth taking the time to do, so please let me know if you'd be interested, and any suggestions for contest ideas and/or prizes you may have. I was thinking once I get to a certain number of followers, I'd let those who would like to enter, comment on a post with a number, then I'd take those numbers and use random.org to pick a winning number. As for prizes, I'm still working up my 'crafty' side, so I don't know about actually making a prize, but I would probably purchase something for the winner or send them a gift certificate. Let me know what you guys think! =)

In other news, I am up to 7 followers - I started with 1 (myself) this morning. Not bad! Kinslee's daddy is very proud of me for finding an 'outlet' for myself through blogging. I've been rather stressed lately and a bit of a nutcase, so he's happy I have found something to peak my interest!

Speaking of stress, my blood pressure has been slightly elevated.. Anyone else have/had elevated blood pressure during their pregnancy? Any tips, tricks, advice? I was told by a friend to lay on my left side, to help lower my BP. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Signing off for now. Goodnight, followers!


  1. great idea. as for a prize, you should team up with someone else you know that wants to promote their business (maybe someone on etsy?). like the idea!

  2. Thanks, Ramona! Great suggestion. I actually have a local friend that I went to school with, who is very crafty and makes nice handbags and also does paintings and the like, that I have in mind - as well as my cousin's wife, who is an artist and does paintings and sketches as well. =)


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