Friday, March 25, 2011

Updates on Kinslee

Looks like I may just have to make the spare room into Kinslee's playroom, eventually. She already has so much stuff that's been given to us and/or bought for her. Of course it's hard to turn down free stuff, and it's hard to keep myself from buying cute stuff! Her "Aunt Teffy" just informed me that she will be custom painting a bobble-head horse/pony to match Kinslee's pony, Skylark. How awesome is that?!

I ended up making 2 CD's (wouldn't all fit on one) of 'Songs for Kinslee'. I made copies for her daddy, and for my parents. Will have to make copies for Mike's parents as well. I was laying on the futon earlier, listening to the CD's and trying to relax and bring my blood pressure down (by laying on my left side), and what do you know.. Kinslee must like the songs because she was seeming to have a ball in my belly! I could feel her 'bumping' around. Not necessarily kicks.. just bouncing around happily, as I would like to think. =)

So I missed the Tot Trade that happens every year at the Jamil Temple in Columbia, unfortunately. Disappointing in a way, yes, but at the same time.. we are running out of room for all the clothes she already has! I even bought her a new outfit yesterday.. Red and white polka dotted tank top and shorts and matching headband. The top says 'Love Bug' and has lady bugs on it. Her Gramma Halstead bought her matching maryjane booties to go with it. :) Sweet. We also picked up two 2 oz. bottles with cute sayings on them, a 3 pack of bibs with cute sayings, and I got a Winnie the Pooh bib for my parents' house (they are doing Pooh theme in their nursery). Speaking of the nurseries, here are the themes:

Our house - pink camoflauge & horses
Nanna & Poppa Worrock - Winnie the Pooh
Gramma and Grampa Halstead - Ducks (gotta keep it neutral since Mike's older sister, Becky, is expecting in October and we're not sure yet if it's a boy or a girl!)
Great-grandparents (Mamaw & Papa - my grandparents) - Unicorns (in my old room up there, there is still a unicorn wall border)

Wow, this little girl is so loved already! We cannot WAIT to meet her!


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