Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Shower & Gift Registry!

For those of who you who have not already seen on my Facebook note, or do not have a FB, and plan on attending my baby shower (or just sending a gift), here's the link to my registry @ Target. If you are pretty sure I don't have your address, and would like to attend the shower - please send me a text on my phone, shoot me an email, or leave a comment with your email here, and I'll be sure to get you on the list and an invitation out to you (sometime in May). Baby shower is tentatively scheduled for June 25th at 1pm. Location has not been finalized yet. Thanks guys!!!

Please remember if you cannot afford to bring a gift, you are still MORE than welcome to come! Help us celebrate having baby Kinslee! =)

PS: Clothes are not on the registry, because we have quite a lot already that have been generously given to us and/or bought for us by friends and family (big thanks!), however, if you would like to buy Kinslee clothing, feel free to do so, as I believe you can never have too many clothes when it comes to a baby! Also, please make sure you deduct the gift you get off the registry if you do so, so that others will be able to see what has already been purchased. Thanks again!


  1. PS: Today is the mark of the 23rd week of my pregnancy! Yay! Won't be long til baby Kinslee is here!

  2. CONGRATS Kimberly!
    I'm sure you're very excited!
    I'm following you from MBC
    please come follow me also


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